Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery compensation claims solicitors

Chasing up late payments is a routine chore for many business owners. If action isn’t taken to reclaim unpaid debts, the holdup of cash flow can have a devastating trickle-down effect on the wellbeing of businesses, impacting everything from staff salaries to company reputation.

No Win No Fee Compensation

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Debt recovery solicitors

Those issues can be prevented with the help of Hawkins Law debt recovery specialist solicitors. Our team is ready to set to work handling unpaid invoice debt cases with speed and efficiency.

We know how essential it is to deal with debt recovery quickly and efficiently, that is why we offer to put things in action on the very day you contact us, if we receive your instructions by 4pm.

Our services begin with the first steps – sending a formal letter of legal action – and end when we’ve retrieved the money you’re owed.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off service or would like us to handle a bulk order, we offer a range of services at fair prices. To ensure you are clear on the service you’ll receive and the price you can expect, please take a look at our prices.

Estimated Timescale

Assuming we receive all the necessary information and documentation promptly, we aim to produce the Letter Before Action within 3 business days upon receiving your instructions.

Please note that we cannot accurately predict the duration for receiving payment from the other party. This depends on various factors such as the need to initiate a claim and the promptness of the other party in making payment upon receiving a Judgment in default. In cases where the other party complies with the requested timelines, the resolution process may take less than 8 weeks.

However, if enforcement action becomes necessary, the overall timeline will extend, and we will provide you with indicative timeframes at that stage.

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