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If you’re buying, re-mortgaging, or conducting a Transfer of Equity on a property with a Fleet Mortgages mortgage, our solicitors can help. We are approved by Fleet Mortgages and part of their conveyancing panel.

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Hawkins Law have specialist property solicitors ready to deal with all aspects of residential and commercial conveyancing. Call us now on 0207 177 7579 or Contact us online to speak to one of our specialists today or try our online conveyancing calculator

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* The legal fees set out in the quote are charged on the basis of fixed fees

Want an Instant Online Fleet Mortgages conveyancing quote?

You can get an instant online quote through our conveyancing calculator. Simply provide a few details about your property transaction, and our specialist conveyancing firm will generate a quote for you. We have expertise in handling all legal aspects of mortgage transactions with Fleet Mortgages, whether you’re getting a mortgage for a house or flat, or re-mortgaging your current property.

Fleet Mortgages Mortgage Conveyancing

Fleet Mortgages is a specialist buy-to-let lender, offering mortgage products tailored for landlords and property investors.

Trusted Fleet Mortgages Conveyancing Panel Solicitor

As an accredited solicitor based in London, we are on Fleet Mortgages’s conveyancing panel. This means we have gone through their checks and can provide high-quality service. You can obtain an instant quote for your Fleet Mortgages mortgage by using our conveyancing calculator.

Understanding Fleet Mortgages Conveyancing Panels

Banks and mortgage Fleet Mortgages create Conveyancing Panels consisting of solicitors who meet their legal requirements. These panels help reduce the risk of fraud and ensure high standards of service.

CQS Accreditation for Conveyancing Excellence

We are proud members of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS), which signifies our commitment to best practices and high-quality service. It assures Fleet Mortgages and you that we meet the required standards.

Importance of a Fleet Mortgages Panel Mortgage Solicitor

Fleet Mortgages requires your solicitor to be on their panel to protect their interests. Failure to engage a panel solicitor may cause delays and additional fees. Your solicitor needs to comply with Fleet Mortgages’s instructions in the Council for Mortgage Lenders handbook.

Gifted Deposits, Transfer of Equity, and Lease Extensions with Fleet Mortgages

Fleet Mortgages accepts gifted deposits from family members under certain conditions. If you want to add or remove an owner from your property, Fleet Mortgages’s consent is necessary. Extending your lease or splitting the title also requires Fleet Mortgages’s approval.

Choosing the Right Mortgage Solicitor from the Panel

Selecting an experienced conveyancing lawyer from an approved firm is crucial for a smooth mortgage process. Our team has extensive experience with Fleet Mortgages transactions, whether you’re buying, selling, or re-mortgaging your home. You can get an instant quote from our Fleet Mortgages panel property lawyers using our online conveyancing calculator.

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