At Hawkins Law, we are fully aware of the fact that visa and immigration laws in the UK are ever changing and can be very complex and confusing. We understand how difficult it can be to tackle issues concerning immigration law on your own, and how helpful it can be to have expert legal advice on your side.

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What is the role of an immigration solicitor and how can our team help you?

The role of an immigration solicitor varies from case to case and they can help with a range of matters, from preparing paperwork on your behalf to helping validate documents.

Immigration is a serious matter, with equally serious consequences if things go wrong.  Fail to follow these or come to the UK with the wrong type of visa, and you risk being deported.

Seeking the help of a qualified and experienced immigration solicitor puts your future in capable hands and takes a load of stress off your shoulders.

We can help people at any stage of the immigration process – whether you are already here in the UK, moving soon or are planning for the future. With years of experience on our side, our solicitors are there to break down the immigration process for you to help you better understand your next steps. To ensure you are clear on the service you’ll receive and the price you can expect, please take a look at our prices.

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