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Whether you want to set up a tenancy agreement or you have to evict your tenants, Hawkins Law can assist you with expert legal advice for landlords. Our specialist landlord solicitors are here to assist you.

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Challenges of a landlord explained

Some landlords experience problems with their tenants and as a landlord you need to know you have a team who can help with these issues should they arise. We can also help you with other challenging tasks such as:

  • Drafting a tenancy agreement and guarantees
  • Setting up a correct and enforceable assured shorthold tenancy (AST)
  • Evicting tenants and recovering your premises
  • Claiming rent arrears and damages from former tenants, e.g. debt recovery
  • Offering advice in respect of houses in multiple occupations and assisting in the legal requirements that flow from that

Why should I consider legal assistance as a landlord?

Not only can we help you with the tasks mentioned above, we can also offer assistance in other situations such as:

  • Advising leaseholders in respect of acquiring the
  • Challenging excessive service charge claims
  • Assisting with problem neighbours and
  • Advising in all aspects in relation to Rent Act protected tenants

As a landlord, you may want to have a specialist landlord solicitor by your side, who can help you with your day to day questions. We’ve extensive experience and knowledge to help you in every situation.

Costs of legal services for landlords

At Hawkins Law, we want to avoid hidden fees and unexpected costs. We’ll always discuss with you your requirement before starting so you know exactly what you’ll be paying and what services you’ll receive.

I have inherited a property with a sitting tenant. Can I evict them?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definite yes or no answer. The answer depends on various factors such as:

  • Are the tenants protected in the will of the deceased person?
  • Does the will say anything about the occupation of the property?
  • Are the tenants protected under the Rent Act?
  • Are the tenants otherwise protected under the Housing Act, or under the terms of a licence that permit them to reside at the property?
  • Why do you want to evict the tenants, e.g. do you want to claim personal use of the property?

Our landlord solicitors can help you to establish your full legal position. Call us now on 0207 177 7579.

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