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Wills, Trusts, Tax and Probate Solicitors

We aim to simplify the accessibility and understanding of wills and estate administration for our customers. If you have any questions about wills, trusts, taxes, or probate, our experienced solicitors are here to help.

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Wills, trusts, tax and probate solicitors

Wills, trusts, tax and probate

Why do you need a solicitor to prepare your will?

Drafting a will can be complex, which is why it is crucial to seek expert legal advice from a wills solicitor. Our team of specialist will writing experts strive to simplify the process for you. We can identify any potential errors that may cause issues in the future and, most importantly, provide guidance and support throughout the process. Addressing potential concerns now is much easier than dealing with them after your passing, as they could impact the value of your estate.

Probate Services | Expert Estate Administration | Hawkins Law

Why is a will essential?

Irrespective of the size of your assets or wealth, creating a will is important to have control over how your possessions are divided after your demise. Our wills solicitors can assist you in detailing and formalising your wishes while offering expert advice.

Wills & Probate

Experiencing a death in the family can be a confusing and disorientating experience, particularly if you’ve never had to deal with someone’s will before.

You may be wondering what to do first or how to begin managing someone’s personal affairs. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable solicitors handle matters in a sensitive fashion, helping you understand any questions you might have on trusts, taxes, wills or probates.

Whether you’re considering writing your own will or are an executor of the estate for a deceased family member, our solicitors are ready to assist and advise.

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What is a trust?

Trusts can be integrated into your will, depending on your circumstances, and they can vary. Understanding trusts is crucial, and we can help you determine the right trust, if applicable, and guide you through the available options.

What about tax?

Depending on the value of your estate, there may be tax obligations to consider. Our team at Hawkins Law can provide you with detailed information and advice on how taxation works in relation to your situation.

What is probate?

Probate refers to the process of obtaining legal permission to administer a will after someone has passed away. We handle the probate process on your behalf and keep you informed at every step.

Who is an administrator of an estate?

An administrator or executor assumes the responsibility of collecting assets, settling estate liabilities, distributing legacies as outlined in the deceased’s will, and distributing the remaining estate according to the will or rules of intestacy when no will is available. The key distinction is as follows:

  • Executor: Appointed by the deceased person in their will.
  • Administrator: Appointed by the court based on the relationship to the deceased person. Court appointed administrators are necessary when no executor is designated, the designated executor is unwilling or unable to act, or when the estate is an ‘intestate’ estate due to the absence of a will. slater

For more information regarding the duties of executors and administrators, please refer to our comprehensive guide.

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